Back home – rainy day, withered flowers and the smell of jasmine

The flight back home was very welcome, still a bit exhausting. The children were angels and, as expected, slept most of the time as it was a night flight. However, due to turbulences I couldn’t really use the baby bassinet and had to hold the baby lion on my arm half of the time. tomorrow I need to make an appointment for a Thai massage to get my back and all the rest fixed. The cool and slightly rainy weather made me smile when I left the plane.

At home I encountered that my plants indoors are… well… mostly alive. The blossoms are whithered, of course. Surprisingly the 15 days of “night” (aka, roller blind down) + “no watering” seem to have caused less damage than normal daylight + “no watering” during that time. I cut off everything dry and dead. The hyacinths seem to be mostly fine. The daffodils look miserable. The jasmine… well, feels dry, not sure whether it’s dead or alive… maybe undead.


The dry jasmine blossoms still smell so wonderful. It would be a pity to throw them away. So I made a little sachet for my wardrobe.


My little garden seems to bear some surprises. I thought it to be just a poorly maintained lawn, but now I see tiny crocus blossoms popping out here and there. So adorable. Lucky me that I did not yet start digging the patches for the plants. Probably I will have to make several small vegetable patches instead of one big.





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