Silhouette Island – day trip or holiday?

Even though the beach on Silhouette Island looks like paradise, the magical creature is intimidated by the waves, which are a bit stronger than on Praslin, Mahé or La Digue. Therefore, we spend lots of time at the pool if I cannot convince her to play in the sand at the beach. Today she wanted to play in the water. So we spend the morning at the pool… again.


The pool is nicely designed with a swimmer area and a non-swimmer area. However, there are style or function elements that are a bit difficult for little children. For example, these water channels on the “bridge” between swimmer and non-swimmer pool. If the toddler is a bit tired you have to remind them to watch their step several times when crossing this bridge.


The resort is nicely designed with lots of places to sit or lie down and enjoy the seaside view Overall, it’s perfect for a relaxed vacation when you’re looking for good food, nice drinks, relaxing at the beach or at the pool.



And for sure, Silhouette island and the resort make impressive holiday pics to show around when you’re back home. Anyhow, I value function over form, so I am looking quite forward to flying back home tomorrow. Resort life is just a bit too boring for my taste. I would have enjoyed it more, if I went diving every day. But after a few dives, I had enough. It would have been better to visit Silhouette Island on a day trip. Then you can leave this island in the evening with the melancholic feeling that you have seen paradise. But a whole week was clearly too much. Considering the price I try not to regret it too much that we went to Silhouette Island and not to Praslin, as last time.




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