A lazy Silhouette Island beach day

Even though I found some things to complain about most of the time I enjoy my vacation here on Silhouette Island. Today the weather keeps changing between cloudy with waves and bright sunshine.

Number 1 loves the hammocks at the beachside. Number 2 loves his back-mounted hammock. And I wonder how much sunscreen I have to put on to avoid these freckles!!!


Yes, I do spend most of the day being up and running, carrying number 2 on the back, carrying number 2 on the back and number 1 in front or vice versa, pushing the hammock, playing in the pool, building castles of sand, chasing number 1 at the beach, swimming with number 1 in the sea (and breastfeeding with number 2 twice each night). So even though I indulge in a rich breakfast buffet and dinner menu, I refuse to perform any additional workout. Two children are workout enough… if you do it properly!


Trying to find out with my camera what number 2 is doing on my back. Can’t see anything. Probably asleep…



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