A lazy day at the beach

There are certain challenges when traveling with babies and toddlers. Flexibility is a vital skill. On Mahé I didn’t have a blender to mash fruit for the afternoon fruit meal. Tinned baby food is a no-no and would not make sense anyways because the afternoon dish is supposed to be fresh and raw. This is why “number 2” only gets fresh fruit that can be mashed with a fork. That is… banana, avocado and papaya.

Voilá! The usual afternoon fruit snack…

I love these lazy days at the beach. Which is surprising because I was never a big fan of beach vacations. It slowly changed when I started with diving, but still I would never spend my holidays at the beach if it wasn’t for the diving.

Our days at the moment… in the morning we go diving with the diving school Ocean Dream Divers at Bon Vallon beach. Separately… because one always has to attend the children.

In the afternoon we go to the beach (Bon Vallon beach) for playing with sand and waves and swimming.


The magical creature discovered her passion for the sea. The baby lion either sleeps or smiles at me happily.


The magical creature trying to understand the concept of “waves”… in combination with sand castles 🙂



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