Seychelles diving vacation with baby and toddler

1 week on Mahé, soon to be finished. 3 dives so far. Time is flying by. On Monday we’ll be leaving for Silhouette Island.

Hotel: Hanneman self-catering apartments at Bon Vallon beach.

Dive shop: Ocean Dream Divers. Very friendly, supportive and professional dive shop.

Amazing babies on the 2 flights to Seychelles. Either sleeping or were awake and in a splendid mood (with 2 or 3 exceptions).

I enjoy these lazy days. A morning at the beach. Playing in the sand and the sea with the babies. Then some diving for me while daddy is taking care of the kids. Some more beach and swimming with the babies in the afternoon. The magical creature stealing her daddy’s beach flip flops. The baby lion sleeping at the beach, cuddled up in his carrying wrap.

We had delicious starfruit and avocado today. Number 2 is learning to eat solid food these days and the fresh exotic food as well as the fresh fish from the beach stands are definitely a motivation for him.

Biggest achievement: Managed to pack my stuff, the babies’ stuff and my dive jacket in one not-too-huge suitcase.


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