“First signs of spring” pregnancy dress refurbished

During my last pregancy I sew a dress. The basis was a dress from the book “Nähen im japanischen Stil” (Japanese-style sewing) from Shufu To Seikatsu Sha. A simple and pleasing A-line dress with enough space for my growing babybelly. I chose a halflinen material in a neutral, striped colour because I didn’t want to look like a christmas tree ball in a few months. To avoid boredom I accentuated my babybelly with a colourful silk scarf above the belly.

Now that the baby is out and the belly is gone the whole design seemed a bit too boring and shapeless for me. Maybe a softer, more flowing material would have been better? The design surely looks lovely on a delicate Asian girl, but with my cup-D-boobs (*cough* currently E due to breastfeeding *cough*) I need something more tailored in order not to look like a barrel.

  1. I added tucks on the front and on the back below the bust for a more tailored shape.
  2. Then I added a colourful lower waistline, a hemline and a pocket in a romantic pattern.
  3. The waistline I didn’t stitch completely but I left the ends on the back hanging free to tie as a bow or a knot.

I love the delicate flower pattern on the straightline, greyish halflinen. It reminds me of the first signs of spring at the end of winter.

Currently I wear this dress over a pair of skinny jeans like a tunic, because for breastfeeding I have to pull it up and I prefer my bum then still covered 🙂 Another advantage of the jeans is that my knees don’t get hurt if I kneel down to attach or detach the Thule trailer to switch between bike trailer or buggy functionality.



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