Consent about the time to stop breastfeeding

I decided to stop breastfeeding after 13 month because I planned to become pregnant again “some time soon” and thought a little “rest” is good for my body. I cried every time I breastfed and thought “this is the last time.”. Honestly, I didn’t want to end this breastfeeding relationship. Without my reproduction plans, I would have continued until the 20th or 22nd month, if baby girl wanted it.

So week after week we continued to breastfeed, because just holding and carrying wrap just wasn’t enough. And I lost sight of my aim to get pregnant in a particular month. 2 or 3 months later would still be fine.

Then suddenly baby girl was satisfied with holding and carrying wrap and didn’t ask for breastfeeding anymore. For one day, for two days, three days… one week… That was at the beginning of her 15th month. It took me two weeks to realize that we had truly stopped breastfeeding without really noticing. And that was without any tears or sad feelings from my side or complaints from her side. It just happened.

And then I noticed that in approximately one week there was my next chance to get pregnant. The date I had originally intended to become pregnant again 🙂 What a coincidence!

Surprisingly, she never asked for it anymore. As if she knew about the circumstances.

Now I always smile thinking back to our breastfeeding time. I don’t miss the breastfeeding. Too busy with being pregnant 😉 But it was a wonderful period of life and I’m glad we could enjoy it for 14 months.


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