Viscose. Modal. Gudrun Sjoeden. My new shirts

You wash it the first time, leave it in the water … and still the water does NOT look like ink. Can’t be healthy if a piece of clothing emits colour and further stuff into the skin.


I love viscose, modal and lyocell (Tencel) as cotton alternatives. Cellulose-based, a touch and qualities like cotton, but made from wood.

Nice side effect: Wood doesn’t need pesti- or herbicides like cotton.

Another nice side effect: No spending for cotton, no money for the highly questionable producer of genetically modified seeds “Monsanto”. So far no clothing shop could tell me, what seed producers their cotton suppliers use.

Sjoeden Shirt BlueSjoeden Black

The shirts above are the same model of a viscose trikot longsleeve in blueberry blue and in black from the Scandinavian design brand Gudrun Sjoeden. I LOVE the silky, comfy touch of this tissue.

Below is a bordeaux red Gudrun Sjoeden modal shirt… and the water after the first handwash. It emitted a slight, yet visible amount of colour into the water. Grmpf! But after the second rincing it was gone.



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